PlaceWiz is a smart, social and powerful tool that helps you discover, save and share places near you or around the world like never before. Create and share boards, quickly make calls, get driving directions, visit a service's website or read success stories by category, all from within PlaceWiz. If you can find it in Google, you can find it on PlaceWiz.

Use PlaceWiz to find, follow, share the places that people in your community like the most.

With PlaceWiz you can:

  • Explore millions of places around the world


  • Easily call, find driving directions or visit the website for any place, just with a few taps


  • See who else has saved, liked, followed or even submitted reviews for places you may be interested in


  • Keep in touch with people that have your same interests


  • Read reviews and results for the places you are interested in


  • Create and share boards with your friends a family


  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your boards


  • Follow any place and get notified when anyone comment on it


  • Share your favorite gym, car mechanic, doctor, spa or any other place you like with your friends and family


  • Save all the places you will like to visit in your next trip. You can even add car rental locations, airports, hospitals and much more...


  • Save the places you need the most and you will be able to call them, find directions and even visit their website with only a few tabs

  • Quickly find out places you have saved, liked, reviewed and more